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Emergency Response Kit-Building Guide

Emergency Response - Cover

The Emergency Survival Kits for My Family survival guide contains a definitive list of survival kit supply requirements combined with a checklist system for determining supply requirements specific to each family—your family—and detailed, step-by-step, real-world, family-centric emergency survival kit-building instructions.

Emergency Response Kit Guide - Table of Contents

With the guide, you’ll build customized survival kits for the home, for autos, for school, for the workplace and for evacuation, specifically designed to keep all members of your family safe.

Emergency Response Kit Guide - Sample Page

The guide also includes information gathering procedures that assist in preparing for and recovering from an emergency, and periodic checklists that maintain preparedness into the future.

Emergency Response Kit Guide - Sample Contact Page

This guide lays out every step you need to take to be prepared: survival kits, survival plans and training. EVERYTHING you need. Take this step for your family. Take this step today, For peace of mind. For the safety of your family.

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